About us

We’ve all walked into countless business establishments only to be met with stacks of brochures on the counter, business cards on the floor and even worse, daily or weekly specials taped to the windows in an attempt to attract attention. We’ve been there, we’ve lived it and we’ve done the same exact things to try and promote our business because that’s what we were used to or told to do!

Our approach cuts through the clutter and dated marketing material, giving you the power to control your message and your brand through your channel! Our goal is to provide dynamic signage solutions with visually stimulating content that will captivate your clients and employees. Contact us today for a free demo!


Every company has a message, a brand and a vision it wants to promote to both its valued customers and essential team of employees. ChannelSay can help your company deliver that message…your way! In an ever-changing world of digital advertising, ChannelSay offers you the opportunity to become dynamic in your industry, stay current and even future-proof your advertising goals and strategies. Say goodbye to the old way of delivering your message and ask yourself, “What does my ChannelSay?”

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