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Hostings ChannelSay displays on our public channel offers you a wealth of options when it comes to our solution. As a ChannelSay Host, you can take advantage of our free hardware and player install package (yes, we said free.) Not only will you be able to display your own custom branded messages on your display, the displays will pay for themselves through local and national advertisements. Our public channel is designed to give back to our hosts through a revenue share program. To learn more click on the information video below


Owners of business and or venues that have consistent foot traffic and dwell time by their customer base along with having a need to getting their messages out digitally.


A joint venture where you provide the wall space, wifi and power and we supply you with your own FREE digital signage display inside your place of business along with a revenue share of outside local and national advertisements that will reside on the display.


Within a centrally located spot inside your business venue where your customers are actively walking through or sitting for longer periods of time.


The digital signage runs during your normal business hours. You will have full control on when to display your in house promotions. Schedule promos, advertise events, announce birthdays and so much more.


You as the business/venue owner get a free digital signage platform to get your messaging out to your customers about your products and services along with getting another revenue source from local and national advertisements.

Public Channel Examples

FAQ’s Public

Yes. ChannelSay provides the display, mount, player, software and installation. The host is required to supply the wall space, power and wifi or hard wired internet connection.
Yes, there is a region of the display that is solely meant for this exact thing. The host will be able to log into the ChannelSay system and edit or upload their content whenever this like.
ChannelSay provides the initial host content creation during the launch of the display in their venue so that it is not blank. The host will be trained how to upload and edit new content on their own. Beyond that, ChannelSay can provide ongoing content creation and management services under a separate agreement.
We initially start off with installing one and will expand your network if advertising demand justifies more displays.
It will depend on the advertising supply and demand scenario that is created at any specific host venue. The more appealing your venue is to an advertiser the more revenue you will earn each month.

To become a host location, fill out the contact form below!

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