We’re good at what we do so you can be good at what you do.

We create and deliver premier media content to digital signs or screens.

What do you want your Channel to Say?

Dynamic content is key to captivating attention and engaging interest. Elevate the client experience. Boost employee satisfaction. Digital signage is an effective and adaptable way to communicate with your audience.

Your Brand. Your Message. Your Channel.

Use digital signage to grow your revenue, provide long-term savings and reinforce your brand.

Enhance your marketing advertisements, streamline your internal communications, provide product recommendations, upsell services, display new promotions and sales. Improve your client connection with ChannelSay.



Managing your message doesn’t have to be a chore anymore. With ChannelSay, get creative and let your brand do the talking through our easy-to-use solution. With drag-and-drop widgets, customizable templates and cloud media library for storage, you’ll be able to create the perfect content for your customers and employees. Our digital signage software always includes free training and support. You can manage a single display or hundreds with easy access to change your content from any browser and send real-time updates to your screen(s). You control when your content plays with advanced scheduling capabilities.


Your next promotion, event announcement or simple price change is just an email away. Let ChannelSay help your creative ideas come to life. Take advantage of this all-inclusive package where we design and create premier content and manage your channel for you. We take care of the digital signage and you take care of growing your business!

Our software provides interactive and dynamic display capabilities

HD Images, Scrolling Text & Slideshows

Post welcome messages, announcements, upcoming events

HTML Webpages

Custom content relevant to your business, highlight reviews, post dashboards with live metrics

RSS Feeds

Stream news headlines pertinent to your industry or spotlight sports and entertainment

HD Videos

Demo products via YouTube or show Ustream live videos

Weather Updates

Local weather forecast information

Social Media

Integrate your feeds from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

The possibilities are endless.

Why pay for Digital Signage?

‘Free’ content management software can be misleading with hidden fees for additional services, content storage or technical support. The software may be difficult to manage or skimp on features. It may not provide software updates or bug fixes or worse, it may not be secure. You have other priorities to focus on while running a business. With a sliding-scale fee structure, purchase the number of ChannelSay software licenses for your displays (one license per display) and feel confident that you’ll have access to user-friendly software with no strings attached, along with FREE training and support.


Every company has a message, a brand and a vision it wants to promote to both its valued customers and essential team of employees. ChannelSay can help your company deliver that message…your way! In an ever-changing world of digital advertising, ChannelSay offers you the opportunity to become dynamic in your industry, stay current and even future-proof your advertising goals and strategies. Say goodbye to the old way of delivering your message and ask yourself, “What does my ChannelSay?”

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ChannelSay integrates seamlessly into the following industries. Each one requires a different approach to their unique messaging and branding ideas. ChannelSay will work with you to make sure your industry specific message is delivered properly.